10 Errors That Can Dampen Your Mobile Marketing Effort




Mobile marketing can enhance your brand and boost your profits, if you do it right. Many businesses have made mistakes in their mobile marketing campaigns so there is enough experience to learn from.

Here are 10 things to avoid when planning your mobile marketing campaign:



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Directing mobile visitors to a desktop site

If you are planning a mobile marketing campaign, you need a mobile version of your site. Mobile users become frustrated and won’t tolerate a website that was meant for a desktop computer. On a mobile device a desktop website is either too tiny to read or too large to navigate easily. Even the best offer won’t keep them there and you will lose a customer.

QR code chaos

Yes, most of the world knows what QR codes are and what they do, but not everybody. If you slap that code on your ad with no indication of what it is, lots of people won’t know. And even the ones who do know need a little nudge. Tell them to scan here with their phone. You should also tell them why they should do it. Some will scan out of curiosity, but more will if they understand there are juicy coupons waiting there for them.

Bury your call to action

Don’t bury or make your call to action hard to find. Place it above the fold to make it visible.

Using home page glue

Don’t send them to your mobile main page.  Direct them to a call to action.

Suffocating them with text

Don’t over stuff your mobile website with text. You need to use a different strategy for mobile content.  Make your text informative but lean. It’s harder to read on such a small screen so use it effectively.

Forms, forms, forms

It takes time and a lot of patience to fill in a form on a smartphone.  Don’t make them enter a ton of information, it’s hard work to type on a mobile device.  Instead, make it easier by using other means to provide information, for example, check boxes .
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Media not working

When you offer your mobile audience videos, apps or other media, make sure it works on all devices. Don’t make them click to discover a bug.


Whether on a mobile device or desktop, a hard sell is a turnoff for shoppers. If you push the sale too much, you will lose them. Offer them true value and make discounts count.

Useless apps

Don’t create an app unless it’s something that they will want to use. Answer that question and you’ve got an app that will get results.

Going mobile because everybody is

Well, actually this is a good reason to go mobile. Not because everybody’s doing it but because your customers are. But don’t start marketing to mobiles without a solid plan. Decide exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. Make it clear and measurable, and then you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get there.It

SMS overdo

SMS (text messaging) is good when you have something interesting to offer. Bombard your customers with messages will annoy them and you will lose them.

This or that?

Keep it simple. If you offer too many choices to customers, they will get confused and not choose anything. Keep your marketing message and call to action simple.

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