Implement New Mobile Marketing Strategies as NFC Hits the Wider Market

Near-field communication (NFC) is a technology that’s been around for some time. If you’ve tapped a card against a terminal in Whole Foods or Macy’s to pay for a purchase, that’s NFC. The science behind it is fairly simple: a low-powered, short-range link is established between two devices to transfer short bursts of information. With Google Wallet and Apple Pay entering the NFC arena and bringing their immense user base with them, you can bet that more people will be using NFC for effective B2B mobile marketing and other purposes.

What is NFC and why is it in your phone

Why go NFC anyway? Remember those pixel images that you often saw on posters and magazines? QR codes were supposed to enable users who scanned them to receive information in a direct and easy manner, which made it like catnip for marketers. However, the technology didn’t live up to the hype, mostly because you had to download a QR reading app and the world wasn’t as integrated to the Internet when it was introduced.

Nowadays, everyone is online via their smartphones. With NFC, passive tags posted anywhere can deliver web addresses and perform more active functions with a simple tap. However, to truly maximize your gains, you’ll need a firm skilled in implementing new mobile marketing strategies—like Mobinee, division of GiGi Ventures LLC.

Here are some of the things you can do with NFC at your fingertips:

Paperless Documentation
Booking trips still require a bit of paperwork, even if done online. There are tickets and reservations to print and keep nearby. A travel company can streamline this by using NFC to identify the traveler with all of the itinerary information stored online. A tap of the smartphone and the hotel, the venue, or the airline knows exactly what the user requires. This can also let people change their travel plans on the fly with the smartphone.

Mall Navigation
Malls are large places where people can easily get lost. This is why many business despair of getting customers into their shops. However, strategically placed NFC tags can ping a smartphone owner nearby and give them directions to your shop. Malls are notorious for limited space and the most you’ll usually get for advertising is your storefront. NFC sidesteps this by being small and unobtrusive. Just place it on a bench and people stopping by for a rest can get to learn about your store.

Product Promotions
An NFC tag at the entrance of your shop is the perfect vehicle of your promo. It doesn’t just bring them to your website, but NFC can also encourage them to enter surveys, competitions, and free trials. The flexibility of the platform and the link to their wallets makes purchases easier and increases profits.

(Source: What is NFC and why is it in your phone?, Tech Radar, November 20, 2014)