Quick Mobile Marketing Strategies Help You Get Ahead of Everyone Else

Every business needs every tool possible to better position themselves in an admittedly large customer field. Given the current trends in telecommunications, one of those tools will entail designing new mobile marketing strategies. Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks said investing in advertising over mobile devices can be a good channel for overall return on investment.

Hendricks’ claims have more than a grain of truth to them. An analytics software and marketing company’s industry survey for 2014 showed that 85% of respondents agree on having mobile devices at hand for many daily activities (perhaps you’re reading this article through a mobile device). When your business is aiming to get more customers on the fly, a company such as Mobinee will be a valuable ally to have on your side.

5 Tips For Perfecting Mobile Marketing

Seen through the Mobile Glass

Any person browsing a website through a mobile device will have complained to the site administrators about the place being difficult to navigate. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such a complaint, doing the surfing yourself will validate the need for repurposing the site to be more accepting of mobile device views. You can consult a skilled mobile site developer on how to accomplish this task.

On the other hand, some mobile users are open to viewing the webpage like a desktop, albeit without having to squint closer. You can retain the main desktop viewing option for the site and let users switch views through link buttons at a section of the page.

Click Me

With many mobile gadgets centering their functions on a single multifunction display, it’s important that the buttons and link text on your mobile website are active-linked and appropriately-sized. The text on the button itself is also the call to action, Hendricks states. As a rule of thumb, however, you cannot use “Submit”; verb phrases such as “Buy Now” or “Click for your Free Trial Today!” among others, can be appropriate depending on the associated content.

Quickie Call

Some businesses can be creative about enabling their customers to reach out to them. Hendricks says one good idea will be to post your business contact details on one section of the site. Even your special online ads can work; ask your mobile developer if there’s any way for your business number to trigger a call the second someone links it. You or your customer service rep must be on standby to answer.

When you consider that any five potential customers out on the town will have at least one mobile device on their person, you can use the advantage of an easily readable website to reach out to them. Let a firm like Mobinee help you form a solid mobile marketing campaign.

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