Ways to use QR codes

QR codes allow you to successfully integrate your offline business with your Web presence. Place you QR code on all of your printed materials. This allows your customers to scan the code and instantly access your website.

They are also a great way to offer deals and specials to attract customers. For example, direct customers to a site that offers a discount. They scan it and then show you the phone, and it’s like a paperless coupon.




Print them on many things

The best thing about QR codes is that you can print them on virtually anything. Put them on brochures, t-shirts, hats, cups, signs, and billboards—use your imagination. Make a stamp of your QR code and use it whenever you can and your customers will be able to scan it with their phones QR codes are fast and easy.Instead of giving people your URL and asking them to manually type it in, which is just another step between them and your offer, all they have to do is scan. The code makes it that much easier for them to visit your site.

Take advantage of QR codes

Send people to:

  • your videos
  • social media sites
  • events
  • subscription forms
  • contests

Marketing examples

  • Use a QR code in a direct mail piece, business card or postcard to provide a discount.
  • Give customers a view of your new Facebook promotion.
  • Take customers to a landing page with detailed information that does not fit easily on a printed ad.
  • Deliver step-by-step instructions or product details in video format.
  • Let customers sign up for events such as a webinar.
  • Direct employers to your resume, your LinkedIn profile and so on.